School Transport Service Dubai

Our transport company has introduced the services of school transport in Dubai. The transport company operates the buses or vans for schools exceptionally well by keeping in view the regulations and rules of road transport authority of Dubai. For the purpose of the student’s safety and attendance confirmation, the GPS system, scanners and video surveillance system are added to all our buses. We are certified with an international standard organization. Our transport service is well appreciated by the audience and has also won the best school transport in Dubai award. Our transport company is well managed by team of professionals who have already worked perfectly in the field of providing transport services to students. We work closely with the administration of school and parents to ensure the safety of students and provide them the best possible transport services. If you acquire our services, then you need to fill a transport request form and then our specialist will check your mentioned route and provide you the van or bus services as per your requirement. You will get notified about the timings, vehicle number, driver’s details and contact number and rout once you submit the transport request form.

Bus Rental Dubai

From AED 650

30 Seater Luxury Bus

  • 30 Passengers
  • 30 Bags
From AED 650

35 Seater Luxury Bus

  • 35 Passengers
  • 35 Bags
From AED 650

40 Seater Luxury Bus

  • 40 Passengers
  • 35 Bags
From AED 750

50 Seater Luxury Bus

  • 50 Passengers
  • 40 Bags

School Transport Services in Dubai

Many elite class schools have contracted with our transport company by keeping in view our experienced and reliable transportation services in Dubai. Our vehicles are abided by the rules, safety standards and guidelines laid down by the road & transport authority of Dubai. We have also provided bus helpers with each bus as well and our drivers are authorized by the RTA and are well experienced. All our buses are attached to CCTV cameras and tracking systems for the purpose of safety of students and parents’ satisfaction. Once you filled the application form for transport service, then you will be contacted automatically with one of our assistances for further details. We have cheap or affordable fees for every school bus or van routes. The transport company has a different schedule for pick up or drops of students according to the school transportation policy and agreement. You should not be worried about your child’s transport service for school as we are here to overcome that problem. Our services for school transportation in Dubai are very reliable and also meet the parent’s satisfaction level. The routes of buses depend on students’ residency and established bus routes, so you should not be worried about these problems.

Certified Transportation Services in Dubai

We completely understand the rules and regulations set by the Road transport authority of Dubai. For better school transportation services in Dubai, we are following RTA rules and providing reliable buses for each route. Our buses are very environment friendly and fitted with security cameras, air conditioned, tracking systems so that the students will feel comfortable while going to or coming back from their schools. The school staff transport in Dubai is also filled with new technology and passenger friendly environment. In case of an emergency, the passengers have the facility to press the button located behind the seats to get out of the bus. We are sure to provide a reliable and comfortable pick and drop of service to the school staff and students. The driver is also very friendly and talkative to the students during the whole journey from school to home. Our transport services had been launched for a long time to serve elite class schools. We are picking up or dropping of the students and staff of several schools for a long period of time. We also warmly welcome the new schools who want our services in the future.